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All the interior design trends I’m really excited about for 2019

When it comes to design trends, it’s always important to remember that there is no official date where one trend becomes old-fashion, so you will often see a number of variations of the same trend every year.  I thought it would be useful to do a quick round up of some of the trends I am loving and excited to see more of in 2019.

Is beige really back?

I’ve been seeing a lot of home décor magazines saying that grey is definitely ‘out’ for this year, which I am not okay about.  I say that grey certainly has a place in my home (and always will!). However, there is another neutral to talk about and that’s beige.  Early adopters are already talking about these warm, greyer beiges that help to add a touch of softness to any room. High street brands like H&M Home offer an abundance of neutrals to pick and choose from.  After years of grey shades, I can see why beiges, neutrals and taupes are feeling that little bit warmer.

It is oh so peachy!

One of my friends decided to paint her kitchen a wonderful peachy pink and I thought she was instantly going to regret the decision. Now, the Pantone colour of the year has been revealed as ‘Living Coral’ and I had to eat my words a little…The peach trend is definitely getting more attention and its colour cousin ‘millennial pink’ is still as popular as ever.  Why not add a darker rust colour to create a brilliant colour palette? These peachy hues are definitely going to be winners in 2019.

That 70’s Show is Back

Now, this trend definitely plays a part in why warmer shades are so big right now.  They easily play right into the fun, retro feel of the 70’s. So, get ready to see plenty of rounded sofas, fringing and big mirrors!  Speaking of curves…Rounded shapes are big news in the décor world right now. Think curvy everything…curvy tiles, rounded dining tables and curved sofas.  You can definitely spot a hint of Art Deco influence here!


Designers have definitely been searching the skies for inspiration recently, and you’re sure to love the heavenly results!  Think sophisticated astronomy meets fun zodiac patterns, galactic surfaces and galaxy murals. One thing’s for sure, I have seen a huge range of celestial motifs shooting across the home décor scene.

What are your favourite home décor trends at the moment? I would love to know!

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