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The Best Weekend Getaway Spots in Europe

If you’re currently working full-time, then weekend getaways are the perfect way to relax and recharge – without having to use up any of your precious holiday days!

If you already live in Europe, then most of the best getaway spots are just a short plane ride away.  Here’s my list of the best destinations to visit on your next free weekend.

  1. London, UK

London is one of the most popular European destinations to visit – and it’s not difficult to see why!  With so much to see and do, London will likely be an easy win for any weekend travellers.  With a fantastic assortment of free things to see and do, as well as some secret spots to discover, you’ll always find something new and exciting in this bustling metropolis.

  1. Paris, France

Paris is constantly included in the top ten most popular cities to visit every single year.  It’s not really a question of why you should spend the weekend in Pars, but rather why would you not.  Adored by lovers and honeymooners, this special city certainly has its own je ne sais quoi.  I definitely recommend experiencing this famous city in Summer, where you can enjoy your very own croque monsieur on a beautiful sun-dappled café terrace.

  1. Gothenburg, Sweden

Flying slightly under the travel radar, this beautiful and laid-back Swedish city certainly packs a punch when it comes to a fun weekend away.  I would definitely recommend throwing caution to the wind and playing the weekend by ear with this city. With so much to see and do, you’ll easily find the perfect itinerary for you.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

It’s easy to see why Budapest is one of the most popular cities to visit.  This city has a fantastic (and cheap) nightlife scene that will appeal to any night owls.  One of the best things about Budapest is that its affordability does not come at the cost of a lack of exciting things to do, eat and see in the city. I definitely recommend seeking out one of the cities walking tours.  This is one of the easiest ways to get your bearings in anew and unfamiliar city and make the most of a local’s expert knowledge when it comes to finding some great eating spots.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Without a doubt, Edinburgh comes alive in the Summer and the best time to visit this charming capital is during the annual Fringe Festival.  While it is also one of the most expensive times to visit this picturesque city, there is still plenty of free things to do, which helps to balance out the overall costs of a weekend away.

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