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Is Your Home Ready for a Radiator Transformation?  

Get ready to match the colour, shape and texture of your radiators to your home interior style in 2019.   

We can all agree that a striking radiator design in your entrance hall will always offer a warm welcome.  Many homeowners are now opting to pick designer radiators and are looking at colour, shape and texture to match the aesthetic of their homes. 

Did you know that new radiator designs can help boost heat output thanks to clever tube arrangements?  When compared to conventional models, these newer designs can use as little as 10% of hot water.  However, we must add a ‘buyer beware’ caveat to this: choosing your designer radiator cannot be led by style alone.  It’s still important to consider whether or not your new designer radiator will be able to heat your home effectively. 

The hottest new design trend 

If you’re ready to part with some cash and take a look at what is available on the market, it’s easy to integrate your heating system into your decorating plans.  As well as keeping your family cosy and warm, a designer radiator system will also keep you unquestionably stylish.  

Can a designer radiator make a difference? 

If you’re currently thinking of purchasing a new radiator and not changing up any of your home décor, then you may want to choose a design option that compliments the style you already have.   

Unless you’re ready to hunt out your decorating outfit, then you should try and think of including designer radiators as a focal point or an extension of the other interior design decisions you have previously made. 

One of the best things about modern radiators is that they are now offered in all shapes and sizes and will suit every need.  One of the hottest new design trends is the vertical coloured ladder radiator.  The space saved with a vertical radiator can be invaluable in small, awkward spaces or in rooms where space is extremely sought after. 

Ready to make your bathroom more luxe? 

Are you ready to step things up in your bathroom? A heated towel bar or towel rail will easily speed up the drying process and keep your towels feeling extra fluffy and fresh. 

While some see a heated towel rail as an unnecessary luxury, you may be surprised to hear how truly affordable they have become in recent years.  For many families, a heated towel rail provides a vital heating function that the whole family can enjoy. 

Contemporary or traditional design? 

There is still a misconception amongst many homeowners that heated towel rails will only work with a sleek, contemporary bathroom suite, however, this is not the case at all. You can now find a plethora of models to suit both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles. 

If you’re looking to create a more contemporary feel, we definitely recommend looking into a wall hung model, as this will help to create a sleek finish.  Alternatively, if you’re going for a more traditional look, then something that resembles an old-style radiator, with anodised cast iron centres would work best. 

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