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Holidays are always a big treat, and therefore something that we love to save up for and look forward to. And no matter how big or modest your plans are, one thing is certain – our holidays are the perfect time for us to catch up on a little rest and relaxation.

It is easy to forget this simple fact though, and sometimes we can end up feeling a bit jaded, even after our much anticipated hols! To help avoid this, here are some handy tips to help ensure that your holidays are supremely relaxing.

Organise the little details in advance

If it’s relaxation that you’re looking for, then organising as much as possible in advance is going to make your holiday run so much more smoothly. From passports to hotel transport, hotel bookings, insurance and even currency, get everything sorted well before your holiday. This means you won’t have to leave everything to the last minute, and you won’t be frazzled in the week leading up to your departure.


…but don’t over pack your days

Especially when you’re travelling to a new destination though, there can be a tendency for us to feel that we need to cram all kinds of activities and site-seeing into our days. And whilst having some things planned ahead is great, over-filling your days is not a good idea if you want to relax a little. So leave plenty of free time too to just go with the flow.

Put your phone away

And this is a big one, but you didn’t spend time and money organising a holiday to spend it on your phone. Sure take photos, but remember to experience the moment too, and avoid those mindless hours scrolling through your social media feed!

Relaxing on your holidays should be simple, so pre-plan, don’t over-schedule and simply enjoy the moment.

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