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Now that your boy is getting older, you want to find the perfect gift, but have no idea what to get to make him happy. You still think of him as a baby, but in reality, he is now able to enjoy more sophisticated gifts 

He may not be a baby anymore but he’s not a teenager either and shopping for him can be very tricky.  

If you need inspiration, here are 5 ideas to get him the best present he has ever had: 

A drone 

A drone with a camera will surprise him for sure. We all played with flying toys when we were young and drones for kids are now affordable. If your child likes to play video games, it will probably be easier for him to get used to piloting a drone. 

Some of them can take pictures and videos in HD. This gift will help him develop his creativity and imagination and it will be a good way for him to learn how to be patient and focused. It will also teach him the responsibility of taking care of such a valuable toy.  

A bike 

A bike is always a good idea as it will keep your kid active and healthy and it will relieve the stress of a long day at school. Cycling is fun and is an activity that he can share with his friends and family.  

You can all go on a family trip and enjoy a ride under the sun. Getting him a bike is a good thing if your kid tends to stay inside all day, playing video games. It will also teach him to be independent and not to rely on you for lifts. He will be very proud to go to school on his bike. 

Walkie Talkie set 

This is another way to get them outside. Walkie talkies are great to play with, and it is an activity your kid will be able to share with his friends. Role-plays will be funnier than ever as they will pretend to be on a secret mission. You can even find some walkie talkies shaped like their favourite superheroes, or other ones that will look like real phones. Your kid will love them either way! 

Lego set 

You can’t go wrong with a Lego set, especially because the choice of sets is huge now: you can get him something from his favourite film such as Star Wars, or an entire city to build. Your child will be able to develop his skills in problem-solving and to increase his dexterity. He will also have to use his imagination and his creativity to build his model. 

The Boys’ book of survival 

Your kid will be able to save the day with this book: he’ll learn how to carry someone to safety, how to survive a tornado, a shopping trip with mum and much more.  

The book takes an amusing look at how to get through the day. Your kid will have a good laugh reading it while learning some useful skills. If you want to get your little one to read more, this is the perfect book to begin with. 



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