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With Bookaway, it is now easy to travel to any corner of the world. Buying a ticket for a bus or ferry tour had never been this easy. With just a few taps, customers can book tickets in a convenient manner in comparison to the making transportation bookings on ground or sea between local cities.

Bookaway The Hassle Free Travel Service

Ground Transportation on Your Fingertips

In simple words, Bookaway is one of the popular search engines for people who are interested in traveling by ferry, train, or bus. It has also been featured as one of the most preferred services that help people get around.

Bookaway is straightforward with its approach. For example, if someone has to avail ferry transport, it will provide travelers with multiple options. Also, the listed price is competitive in comparison to the other services that are available. Even though a few routes have fewer choices when it comes to the filters, it is only a nominal problem and can be ignored.

With the help of Bookaway travelers will not only be able to find the sea and ground transportation but also be able to compare with many other suppliers. It is operating in more than 30 countries. However, it strongly focuses on South East Asia. Customer will be able to avail tickets for more than 2000 unique routes around the world.

In Bookaway you will find the best possible options. For this you will have to use filters on the website. Travelers can use this to get precise results and male well-informed decisions. You have the option to choose from regular or luxury cars. Private drivers are going to pick you up from the location you have entered.

Pay What You See

Bookaway boasts about a transparent pricing model. They are absolutely clear about what customers have to pay. There are no hidden charges involved which are common among other sites where customers see one price while browsing and completely different one while checking out. The price listed on the page of Bookway is the price that they have to pay.

Hassle-Free Booking Site

Bookway believes in offering travel without the hassle and they completely live up to what they say. They have invested to develop a great site to provide customers with the best experience. It is easy to navigate through the site. Customers can book a trip very easily. All they have to do is enter the starting point and destination along with the dates of travel. Thereon, they will be provided with several options to choose from such as buses, boats, car, or train. The company offers flight bookings too but they mainly specialize in these transportation options as of now.

Bookaway The Hassle Free Travel Service

Mobile Compatible Site

To keep up with the fast-paced world, the company has made its site mobile compatible. This means that travelers will now be able to plan their travel anytime and anywhere. All that is needed is a smart device and an active internet connection. The site works on all iOS and Android devices.

Easy Cancellation Policy

In case someone has an emergency prior to traveling and has to cancel the trip, the travel company provides easy cancellation policy. Apart from the cancellation policy of the supplier, Bookaway has its own flexible cancelation policies. Thus, the customers are entitled to get full refunds when they cancel their bookings twenty-four hours before the departure time.

Bookaway The Hassle Free Travel Service

The company also has a weather cancelation policy which covers the trip cancelation caused by weather conditions.

Affordable Transportation

Bookaway doesn’t stop at providing you with a fair pricing structure. They will go all out to make sure that you are enjoying the lowest prices. This is particularly true for the routes of Southeast Asian countries where you will be able to enjoy a vacation within a budget. In other places too you can avail affordable transport through Bookaway.

Bookaway The Hassle Free Travel Service

24/7 Customer Service

If a transportation company has to be reliable, it needs to be available all the time. Many companies fail to provide that but that is not the case with Bookaway. If someone runs into any problem during the booking period or when they are on a trip, they can easily get in touch with the customer support team of the company. The customer service executive is available at their service 24/7.

Bookaway The Hassle Free Travel Service2

Travelers will be able to contact them through email, phone, or online chat. To get prompt answers, online chat is the most suitable option. The customer support team is friendly and will resolve the problem in no time.


Create a well-planned itinerary for your family now that you have Bookaway to help you out. With comprehensive information on transportation, time schedule, and fare, you can convenient book the transport you want. The idea is to travel hassle-free. Book transport online and get going.

However, if customers have put in the wrong details, fail to follow the instructions in the PDF and factors beyond the influence of the company, the refund might not be possible.

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