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Use more, waste less

It is time to go back to simpler times and start interpreting those re-runs of The Good Life into our own everyday habits – after all, not only is being thrifty a good thing for our pockets, it can also be a wonderful thing for the environment too. 

From upcycling to making sure we can get the most out of our purchases, there are plenty of things that we could be doing to make sure we are wasting as little as possible. If you like the idea of becoming less wasteful, and saving a little bit of money at the same time, then take a look at these handy and easy to follow tips.

Join a bartering group

Bartering groups are springing up all over Facebook, and are a great way to exchange something that you no longer need or want, for something that you’re actually going to use. And since there will be no monetary exchange, it is a lot more secure and not as open to scamming as other online buy and sell platforms.

Have a look on your social media for groups in your area, and start bartering! For example, that winter coat that you no longer want, could translate into something useful for you, like coffee! 

Buy frozen not fresh

Fresh food always looks so tempting, especially since the produce section is usually the first thing to greet us when we enter any supermarket. However, food waste is something that most households are guilty of, and yet is one of the easiest things to start minimising. And since fresh produce is one of the most commonly wasted areas due to its short shelf life, it could be time to switch to frozen.

Frozen vegetables, meats and more are often just as good as their unfrozen counterparts, and will of course last significantly longer too. Thanks to amazing refrigeration technology too, hardly any nutrients are lost through this process, meaning you can still enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of eating fresh, with far less waste. Read up about industrial refrigeration at Star Refrigeration to see how frozen could help you to only use what you need. 

Food prep in bulk

As we’ve already mentioned, food waste is a common and needless problem, so if you find yourself throwing out more than your fair share, it could be time to turn things around by prepping food in bulk. Most homes boast a freezer, so preparing meals in advance can help you to save both time and money too.

There is lots of inspiration to be found on the internet, in magazines and on TV too – one of our favourite family-friendly chefs, Jamie Oliver, has plenty of recipes that can be easily adapted for bulk cooking. Just take a look at the easy to follow recipes on his website to get inspired and get the Tupperware out!

Get going on your bike

And finally, have you thought about getting on your bike more to avoid needless top-ups at the fuel pumps? Cycling is low cost, good for your health, and now easier than ever with more and more cycle lanes opening up all over the country. Have a look at what’s in your local area on the National Cycle Network to get inspired to get on your bike!

Smaller changes can help lead to bigger differences, so consider having a go at some of these tips in your everyday life.

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