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There’s been a real surge in popularity for the artificial plant in the last few years. I have several in my home and the quality of these products has improved immensely. 

How do we feel about introducing artificial flowers in the home though? Can they really look as good as the real thing? 

In the past, silk flowers have looked very fake, often faded in the sunlight and never looked good after a few months. 

So why should we introduce artificial flowers into our home now and what are the benefits?

Let’s discuss further with the help of these blooms from Blooming Artificial

The Benefits of Artificial Flowers:

Looks Like the Real Thing:

If you buy a good quality bouquet of artificial flowers they will look as good as the real thing.

This yellow Peony Bouquet has been carefully selected from the factories to ensure each stem looks authentic and life like. Checked against their natural counterparts, each stem is manufactured to the highest standard. This makes the bouquet look incredibly realistic with authentic stems and vibrant colours. 

Adding Colour with Artificial Flowers

Particularly in the winter months it’s hard to bring colour into the home and we often miss the glorious blooms from the summer months. Using artificial flowers in bouquets like this we can create magnificent centrepieces for tables, update our sideboards and bring a burst of hues into every room.

If you choose your colours carefully, you’ll be able to move them around rooms to vary your decor and update your interiors when you want. 

This is the Elegance Bouquet from Blooming Artificial – another stunning arrangement that brings colour and vibrancy to my dining den. 

Reducing Cost 

For a one time outlay you have a glorious bouquet of the best quality flowers which will last you a very long time. It’s much more cost effective than constantly buying fresh flowers and bouquets for your home.

They even make magnificent gifts delivered to your friends or family so they can enjoy them for years to come too. 

Artificial Flowers need Minimal Maintenance

There’s very little ongoing maintenance. Bouquets like these are designed to be completely low maintenance and the only thing you’ll need to do from time to time is wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust. 

When you first receive them you many need to cut down the stems using wire cutters so they fit your vase perfectly. But there’s no more empty vases lying around. With bouquets like the Elegance and Peony, you’ll have fresh looking blooms filling your home all year round. 

How do you feel about artificial flowers in your home?

I must admit I’ve had mixed feelings about them for a long time, but seeing these incredible examples in my own home I have really been impressed. I hadn’t mentioned to my family that I was going to be using and styling these pieces and they all thought they were real. I’ve had several comments from visitors too on how beautiful they are. 

So, maybe something new to consider for your home, particularly as we head into the winter months. The benefits of artificial flowers are plentiful. 


Jen x

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