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For a couple that loves the outdoors, a camping honeymoon is a fantastic idea. Bonding with each other while bonding with nature can set your new life together on the right foot.

In fact, spending your time in a tent is a great way to get to know each other!Luxury Desert Camping with Sahara Experience

A honeymoon in the great outdoors can also be much cheaper than what you would normally spend on a traditional honeymoon.

There are so many reasons to forego a package holiday and instead get out under the stars with just you and your newly minted spouse.

Read on to see how to plan the ultimate camping honeymoon!

1. Decide on the type of camping

There are a lot of ways to camp. From the bare-bones rustic in a tent in the middle of nowhere to glamping in luxury.

There is a type of camping that will fit your comfort level and your personality. It is best to figure out what you like and don’t like before you set out. If you like to have lights and running water, then camping in a van or camper is the way to go.

Having access to hot water and being able to charge electronics with a solar powered generator is important to some. If this is your case, then only plan on the types of camping that will allow for that bit of technology.

2. Choose a destination

Where you plan to camp is going to come down to budget and prior camping experience.

What I mean by that last part is that if you have never camped before, then staying close to home is a good idea. If you get out and realize you don’t like it then at least you are not far from the comfort of your own home.

Those with loads of experience will be able to travel further afield.

If you don’t have much money put away or you would rather spend your money on something besides a honeymoon, then you should look for someplace close by.  The further you go the more you spend. Luxury Desert Camping with Sahara Experience

Whether on plane tickets, or gas for a camper, you’ll have to spend money to get to where you’re going. That said, it will still cost less than a typical honeymoon.

3. Make it romantic

Roughing it is not exactly the most romantic notion. But, even out in the wild, there are things you can do to make camping romantic.

Using a double sleeping bag is a good way to increase intimacy in a tent. Plus, your body heat will keep each other much warmer.Coleman Product Review for Family camping

Don’t forget to bring the wine! Sitting by a campfire with a glass of fine wine will make the end of the day romantic. Even if the day was spent in less than ideal conditions, it will be forgotten when you share a bottle of wine with your loved one.

And having some LED string lights can really set a romantic vibe in your tent, even if you don’t have electricity.

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