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It’s cool to travel cheap – very cool, in fact! From the day that Kach and I started traveling full time back in 2013, we sought out the cheapest of everything – cheap accommodation, cheap tours, cheap transport, cheap food. You name it if there was a cheaper way we would find it!

Uyuni, Bolivia to San Pedro Atacama, Chile

Cheapness is not a negative attribute, as is so often associated with cheap things. In travel, cheapness can be a virtue and can add immeasurable value to our travel experiences. Of course, it’s always a balancing act between cheapness and quality. We don’t want to cheapen the quality of our adventures to the point that we start missing out.

Things to do in Cebu, Philippines

Something we have learned through nearly 7 years of full-time travel is that it’s important to choose where to be cheap and where to spend a bit more. These days we would far rather spend more of our money on quality experiences, food, nice wine, and unforgettable adventures, while we can save a lot of money on expensive items, like flights.

We rarely use only one flight booking or comparison site to find the best deals, we usually check at least 2 or 3. However, we do notice when certain sites have consistently cheaper airfares than their competitors. We can honestly say that CheapOair consistently offers some of the lowest fares we can find online. 

How We Find the Cheapest Flight Deals with CheapOair

For example, we were recently planning our upcoming trip to China this December 2019 and found a return flight from Miami to Shanghai for only $411. That’s literally more than halfway around the world for barely over $400!

Even more impressively, with the Limited Time Offer, we could use the promo code to get an even bigger discount of up to 50 per cent. That’s a 5 day trip from Miami to Shanghai for as little as $205!

3 days in Beijing!

CheapOair also has awesome secret deals that they only send out by email to customers who have signed up to their website. It’s true that the majority of amazing flight fare deals just drift by unnoticed because no one happens to be looking for them at the right time. Remember all those stories you’ve heard, but didn’t quite believe, about a friend of a friend who flew around the world and back for $500? You’ll never be that person unless you have someone watching out for you and sending you the best deals as they happen.

Turkish Airlines International Flight without Jet Lag

One of our favorite features of CheapOair is its travel agent specialists service. Gone are the days of walking into a travel agency and speaking to a human to get face-to-face professional advice on where to go and how to get there. It’s great to have a world of information at your fingertips, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and we still need someone to help us filter it all out. 

The travel agent specialist service has been especially helpful to us, because being a couple of two different nationalities with two different passports, certain deals are only accessible to one of us and not the other. We were once transferring through Istanbul Airport, but only one of us was able to pass immigration to recheck the bags. Convincing the check-in desk to let you check in someone else’s bag while holding your spouse’s passport and explaining she is in the departures without her passport is no easy task!

How We Find the Cheapest Flight Deals with CheapOair

We learned our lesson on that trip and the next time we had a complicated route involving transfers we called the CheapOAir travel agent specialists service and explained our situation. We were traveling from London to Costa Rica and all of the best deals were routed through Miami or Fort Lauderdale airports. Since one of us didn’t have a US visa at the time, we were left looking at a choice of very expensive flights through alternative airports!

The travel specialist understood the issue straight away and without wasting any time she started scouring all the possible routes to Costa Rica possible to find one that we didn’t need a visa for. It took a little time, but she found us a great deal from London to Lima, Peru to Costa Rica. This meant we had a long layover in Lima airport, but it was long enough to get out of the airport, have lunch in the city and still get back for our flight to Costa Rica! Because this route would probably be considered undesirable to many travelers we got a great deal on it and only paid about $550 per person! 

How We Find the Cheapest Flight Deals with CheapOair

We’ll be using CheapOair for the foreseeable future to find flight deals for our upcoming trips over the next year. Go Ahead, Be Cheap!

Keep up to date with what’s going on at the CheapOair blog and remember to sign up, so you can that person people tell “cheapest flight” stories about.

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