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A Family Sleepover

Have you ever had a family sleepover? We had one this weekend, and here’s how it went down…

A Family Sleepover

Our friends Maz and Lee (of City Hall wedding fame) live in Queens, about a half hour away from our apartment in Brooklyn. We’d been wanting to do a games night, but babysitters are expensive, so Alex and I had an idea: Why not just invite them to sleep over? (We piled the kids into bedrooms and Alex was sweet enough to sleep on the sofa.)

A Family Sleepover

They arrived at 6:30 p.m. and the kids ran around the apartment like little tornadoes, while the adults drank wine and caught up. Then, around 8:30 p.m., after the four boys had sacked out, we ate lasagna and busted out board games, including The Resistance and Dixit, which were both really fun. (Have you played them? I’d love to hear your game recs, too!)

A Family Sleepover

The next morning, when the kids woke up, Lee and Maz’s youngest son said, “At first, I thought we were at our house and then I remembered we were here!!!” They were ecstatic to be hanging out/wreaking havoc for hours.

A Family Sleepover

Overall, it felt like we were on a trip, even though we stayed home the whole time. Those in-between moments of chatting, hanging out and making eggs and pancakes for breakfast felt so leisurely and relaxing. I’d love to do it again soon.

Would you have a family sleepover? Have you? I’m curious to hear…

P.S. A mom/kid sleepover, and a very easy dinner party.

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