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Traveling is such a beautiful experience; when I go solo, it feels fulfilling; when with my friends, it’s fun; but with my mom, it’s extraordinary. Our moms have carried us in the womb for nine months. They have fed us, clothed us, educated us, and many more. They have been with us through thick and thin. They have seen our tears and witnessed our laughs.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom

I love traveling with my mom; treating her to a vacation from her work or maybe just making her forget chores at home. It’s kind of my treat for her. Here are the reasons why you should travel with your mom.

1. It will strengthen your bond

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Traveling with your mom will make you grow closer. You will be spending much time together; sometimes you will sit together for hours, and at that time you’ll be talking to each other non-stop. When I traveled with my mom, she shared her memories with me when she was young; some are crazy and unbelievable. You can also speak to your mom about anything; be it your work life, love life or fun adventures. Sharing experiences is like a glue of a relationship; it means both of you are open, comfortable, and trust each other.

2. A great way to express your gratitude

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom1


As I have said in the intro, our mom has carried us from 9 months. She probably spent thousands to take care of us and make us happy. Treating them to vacation, especially to a place she always wanted to go to, it is a great way to say thank you for all the sacrifices you have done for me. If ever she’s eyeing that bag or that outfit, you can buy it for her to make her happier.

3. You can catch up with each other

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom2

When you grow up, sometimes you leave the place where you grow up and don’t live together with your parents anymore. With our busy life, sometimes we don’t have time to talk to our parents to ask how they have been every day. Moms would love to spend much time with their kids; even if they are old, if it’s possible, she doesn’t want you to leave home because she will miss you every day. So, traveling together will let you catch up on what’s happening in each of your lives. You could talk about your latest hobbies or shows you both watch. You can spend unlimited time cuddling her and showing her how much you miss her too!

4. Get another perspective

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom3

Your mother grew up in different circumstances, and you did too. So your likes are probably different; which will make your adventure more exciting. Both of you will definitely step out of your comfort zones and do activities you may not do otherwise. You’ll both learn not only to compromise and be patient but also about each other through your likes.

5. Easy to share with her

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom4

You can share things with your mom; like food, soap, or a towel without feeling gross. In some countries, the servings are big (good for two), so you can share a plate. You could also try to order different dishes and try each other’s orders. While traveling, you could pack a bag together, so she’s comfortable in walking with her purse while you drag your luggage. If you’re lucky, you can share clothes or outfits too.

6. Personal photographer

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom5

When you ask your mom to take a picture of you, she will say yes. So expect unlimited pictures; funny or surprising. Sometimes my mom takes good pics of me, but usually, it’s either blurred, a bad angle, or my face looks hilarious so I have to teach her what angle or how to take the right photos. However, moms are great subjects! She will probably copy your poses and feel like a supermodel. When you’re home and uploading your pictures, people would compliment on how awesome your mom is.HAHA!

7. 2 is safer than 1

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom6

Traveling to a new place is a bit scary, especially if you get lost, but it will be better with your mom as you’ll think of a solution together. Both of you would probably be together 24/7 or at least check on each other a lot. So when something goes wrong, someone will immediately know. You can also eye each other’s things. You’ll take care of and protect each other too. Remember, a mother’s instinct is something else, so you’re in good hands.

8. Both of you are not getting any younger

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom

We don’t know what will happen in the future, so it’s better if you do things together now, while both of you are healthier and stronger. One of you might not be here longer than the other, and you’ll never know when you will spend time with your mom again, so grab the opportunity and do it NOW!

9. Have unforgettable memories

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom

Your mom probably has memories of you from being that cute baby to growing-up. When you’re traveling together you will create brand new memories that will surely last. It will be one of a kind, and you’ll both come home with smiles on your faces and many stories together. Memories are priceless; remember that.

10. You’ll love each other more

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your Mom

Since you will travel together, you will know each other more; you will see a different side of your mom, but somehow as a best friend and she will see you in the same way too. Also, there are times you’ll get to argue with your travel partner, but you will be honest and open with your mom, and at the end of the day you’ll still love each other. With all the stories shared, all the new memories made, surely your love will grow stronger.

Not everybody has moms, and not everyone has the chance to be with them, so feel very lucky that you have the opportunity to travel together. It will not only fill you with awe of the new place you’ll go to but have a special place in your heart because one of your favorite people traveled with you there. Enjoy the time together and open yourself to your mom’s wisdom, magic, and unconditional love. Give her all the best things in life; a vacation and your love for her, and she will one of the happiest moms in the world. Now, where would you want to travel with your mom?​

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